Thursday 21 January 2010

I Blame Hannah

It's a global world that we live in now, and yes, inspiration can come from anywhere. Recently I've become exposed to the evil postings of a delicious blog(ger). This wicked temptress is torturing me near daily with hithertofore unknown delights. Askinose. Vestri. Surely what they eat in heaven.

I aspire to try some of this stuff- I really do. But well, you know, I live in Orange. I have scoured the local resources, ok I went to Coles and Big W, to try and find some hither to unacknowledged locally available treasure trove. Sadly not to be. Will need excursions or international couriers (when it's not 35 degrees here) to bring some of these goodies to my door.

My local exploits into the unknown began thusly, at Big W:

All the signs that normally warn me away from such a product. Nasty packaging. Dairy Free. Gluten Free. Weakened by images of Vestri, and knowing that this product couldn't possibly live up to the imaginings of that one, I bought it.

And wasn't disappointed. It was rather unmemorable. I bought this a bit over a week ago, and while it has been a particularly busy week, I now find that I have almost no memory of what this chocolate was like. It wasn't bad and certainly not as bad as I was expecting (I think, although I did find that one later at Coles), but also not really memorable.

At Coles, I ventured even further into the unknown with a gimmicky chocolate. Oh yes I know. I know. Going to be dreadful. Always going to be dreadful. But where oh where is my supplier of Vestri? Florence. Hmmph. So I am left with this to try

Don't do it. Just don't do it. I've done it so that you don't have to.

I did have one limited success in my local campaign. I'd tried on Green and Black product before, quite some time ago, so can't remember which one, but had been a bit underwhelmed, and not continued any further in exploring their works. Recently I had a friend over to watch The History Boys (a bit disappointing actually after wanting to see it for so long), and we nibbled daintily on two different Green and Black bars after chowing down on Indian takeaway.

One was this one

The other some sort of butterscotch chip milk chocolate I think.

The white one isn't bad, you can taste the vanilla, but it's a bit soft, maybe not helped along by the hot summer weather I suppose. It will have to suffice til I can get my hands on some Askinosie- maybe next month in Canberra??