Thursday 6 November 2014

Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show

I was very excited to be in Paris in October, particularly as the annual Salon du Chocolat is on at that time. I'd seen posts on Parisbreakfasts for too many years for the timing to be accidental... One of the highlights is the twice daily fashion show (3pm and 5pm), a true spectacle which always makes news around the world.

This was the 3pm show on Thursday 30 October. It was surprisingly exciting to be there for it. There was a great vibe, good music, and the crowd just loved it.

This creation was impressive but rather unwieldy

I really liked the lampshade girl
but couldn't ever manage to get a clear shot of her

It turned out the 5pm show was different! I hadn't been planning to watch it, but then I had to watch it too. 

Dreaming of France is a wonderful Monday meme
from Paulita at An Accidental Blog 


Paulita said...

Are the costumes actual chocolate or just shades of chocolate? Amazing. I'd love to be there.

Louise said...

Variable amounts are actual chocolate, some look predominantly chocolate, some have more fabric. It was sensational.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Oh my gosh!

No, I think I have to say this again...Oh my gosh!