Tuesday 11 November 2014

Cent Percent Jazz

I have trouble turning on the tv in France. Partly ideologic, am I really in France to watch tele? Partly practical- they often seem to run the tv through a complex VOIP kind of situation and it can be particularly difficult for the sadly nonFrench to navigate the necessary processes to achieve turning the tele on.

But it is nice to have some background noise and music playing in the flat in those spare moments when you aren't gawping at the magic and beauty of Paris, or chowing down in an exquisite salon de thé. It does help the quaffing of champagne too I noticed.

So this past visit I managed to turn on a radio! It was the second radio I tried. But still I managed to turn it on and tuned it into the first station that I found that I liked. It was TSF Jazz. I don't always listen to jazz but it fitted perfectly with the Paris vibe.

There are many ways you can share in listening to TSF Jazz. Happily you can listen online at their website (I used that in Europe, but can't currently make it work in Australia). Or through itunes radio, or tunein. And they have their own app on itunes which I will have to check out. So I can listen all the way down here in Australia, and remember listening in my tiny dark kitchen in Paris.

I don't know what other amazing Paris radio stations I may have missed, but for now, TSF Jazz is suiting me just fine. I smile every time they say Cent Percent Jazz. I like to pretend that it's helping my French comprehension too.

Have you found a great radio station or music on holidays, and brought it home?

Dreaming of France is a wonderful Monday meme
from Paulita at An Accidental Blog 


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Radio stations used to limit their range. I still remember one clear night when my radio picked up a station from Mexico!

Brona said...

Jazz is the perfect Paris accompaniment - I'm suddenly going over all "Midnight in Paris"!!

Anonymous said...

No, but I have found great overseas radio stations at home to listen to, such as Folk Alley out of the USA on my old Internet radio. Loved it so much I even donated one year, but lately haven't found the time to listen.

Louise said...

Yes that used to frustrate me too, now we can listen to radio stations from around the world.

Brona- Jazz is the perfect Paris accompaniment.

Sue- I hope you get the time to listen again soon, I know that you love folk music.

Paulita said...

I can get the website. Thanks for the great find, and thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme