Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Imitation Game

I went along to see The Imitation Game today without knowing all that much about it. I'd seen the trailer once, and it looked a nice British war piece. It isn't. It's a completely amazing British war piece.

I didn't know all that much about the Enigma Machine before today, or Alan Turing. It's an extraordinary story, made into an extraordinary movie.

Sometimes it's the people who noone imagines anything of who do the things that noone can imagine. 

Go see it. Don't search for too much information about it before you go. Just go and let it wash out over you.

I'm not a great fan of the Oscars, but I certainly hope this is best movie in a few weeks, and Benedict Cumberbatch best actor. Keira Knightley did a great job as supporting actress too. I've only seen one other movie nominated for best picture so far, The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I absolutely hated.


Jeanie said...

I, too, loved "The Imitation Game" and Cumberbatch's performance. (Unlike you, I loved "Budapest," too!) I hope "Imitation" gets some awards -- it is well deserving of them.

Sim Carter said...

I also loved this one. Benedict Cumberbatch is always fantastic. Besides Still Alice, and Boyhood I thought The Theory of Everything was a triumph too. Both Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones deserve, if not an Oscar, at least some very high praise , which he especially IS getting. Been a pretty good year for movies.