Monday 16 December 2013

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris

I bought Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris a few weeks ago. I saw it on the new shelf in my local bookstore and was helpless to resist its charms. I'd put it on the shelf at home and then promptly forgot about it. Until this week when my friend Brona read it and reminded me. I was particularly sad this particular evening, after some unexpected bad news and thought that Ruby Red Shoes Going to Paris would be a perfect salve. It was.

I'd never heard of Ruby Red Shoes before (turns out this is her second book) but was delighted that she was going to Paris, and of course wanted to read about it. I'm quite happy to read about anyone going to Paris, no matter if it's a cartoon hare and her grandmother or not. Somewhat bizarrely I've even been known to be jealous of a 4 metre chicken going to Paris.

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris a simple, charming story. Ruby Red Shoes is actually a white hare, who naturally is never seen without her red shoes, who lives with her grandmother, Babushka Galina Galushka in a brightly painted old fashioned gypsy caravan. One day Ruby and her grandmother leave their chickens, who are understandably quite miffed at being left at home, and fly to Paris.

Ruby and her grandmother take an apartment, and set themselves up in the city of light. Naturally, the visit many of Paris's most famous sights- The Eiffel Tower, The Rodin Museum, and Cafe de Flore.  All must see sights to be sure. The illustrations are wonderfully detailed and particularly gorgeous.

Musee Rodin is one of my favourite places in Paris too

Who doesn't love Le Tour Eiffel?

Kate Knapp is an Australian author and illustrator/artist who hangs out at Twigseeds in Brisbane. Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris took her 8 months of illustrating, 7 days per week!

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Paulita said...

Louise, What fun illustrations. Maybe I should get this for my great-niece, age 4, who is coming over today to bake cookies. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

Joy said...

Fun! I wrote about a children's book today, too.

Hope you're feeling better. I had some bad news this month, too. Time and distraction are helping me.

Joy's Book Blog

Brona said...

Sorry to hear of bad news in your family. Bad news is never welcome, but least of all this close to the festive season. Take care xo

PS so glad you loved Ruby too :-)