Saturday 26 September 2015

Newcastle Memorial Walk

On a recent, all too short, visit to Newcastle we managed a lovely trip to the new(ish) Newcastle Memorial Walk. Officially opened on Anzac Day this year to commemorate the centenary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli and also of the opening of the BHP Steelworks. It's fitting then that it is constructed from 64 tonnes of stainless steel.

The weather was very dodgy this day, but in a moment of perfect timing we caught a break in the weather.

A pair of pelicans gave us a fly past for our arrival
The silhouetted images of Anzac troops are so well done. 

Each figured has family names carved in to it. 

There are a number of signs to inform. 

And of course there are breathtaking views along the coast.

And over the city.

Part of the walkway is actually a bridge.  

It started to rain again just as we left. 

If mobility is a problem try and get a park at the northern end (Strezlecki Lookout end) where it's a gentle flat approach to the walk, otherwise you will need to come up all these steps. 

A gentle walk along a 500m path can bring on a mighty appetite. So we made our maiden trip to nearby Doughheads. OMG. So good. Do not miss the Citrus Cheesecake- it's sensational. We weren't brave enough to try the Maple Bacon. 

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Brona said...

OMG Doughheads!! Mr Seasons & I were only talking during the week that it had been quite some time since we had visited you've just given me two very good reasons to go again soon.

Beth F said...

Those silhouettes are amazing. Wow. And I wouldn't turn down a doughnut either. :)

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Lovely walk, with gorgeous views! And those pastries at the end make a perfect reward. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Sean @ His And Her Hobbies said...

That walk must be amazing. I have been to the north and south ends of the walk but it was before they built this walk. We will have to check it out when we are there next. You should definetely try the maple bacon donut the next time you are there. It is one of my favourite flavours of donuts. Cupcake expresso is a great Cupcake store that is a 10 minute drive that you should check out as well. Its one of my favourites.

Sean at His and Her Hobbies

grammajudyb said...

Your Saturday Snapshots always give me wanderlust. Your part of the world is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing, and the info about the stairs. They would do me in for sure! :)

Sandra Nachlinger said...

What a lovely memorial in a beautiful setting. I want to go there. The cut-out figures with names engraved on them are so fitting. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
Thank you for visiting my Saturday Snapshots post.

westmetromommy said...

What a beautiful walk! And the donuts look delicious!

Allison said...

My husband and I enjoy the workout of trails and of stairs. The coastal view would be a lovely reward.

Long walks can certainly bring on an appetite. We end to end up buying ice-cream, but I like the doughnut idea too.

Maple is very good and so I might have tried the maple bacon. :-) Then again, I never can make up my mind, and I do like cheesecake. My husband probably would have said let's buy both and each take a taste. :-)