Sunday 11 November 2012

Metal Evolution

Heavy Metal isn't my thing really, well, um, no it's not at all. And that's ok. I'm more than ok with it actually, but it doesn't help explain my complete fascination with this documentary series on the history of metal.

I was rather uncharacteristically thrilled to accidentally find this tv series,  hidden away on ABC 2 whilst channel surfing late one night. I generally don't do that either. If only the Weekend Australia still printed a tv guide for the whole week, but they don't. So it was pure chance. Or serendipity. But for whatever reason I was hooked straight away.

The first episode I found explored the links between early blues and heavy metal. Both riff based, and "soak it for as much emotion as you can". Both are dark in nature, blues had an edge, "it sounded dark, it sounded dirty, it sounded evil. These old blues guys they had a growl to their voice."

More obvious roots perhaps in the early rock and roll of the 50s. Distorted guitar from broken speakers stuffed with paper at Sun Studios.

"Elvis was the Metallica of his time." 

Unexpected links between  the surf music of the 60s and heavy metal. Although it made perfect sense at the time....

Sam Dunn has interviewed most everyone who isn't dead, regardless of how drug addled they are and whether they can only be interviewed in a bar, and it's fascinating. Plus it's really funny to see how basically none of these guys have changed their hair since the 70s. And it's totally worth it to see Alice Cooper in a silver jumpsuit back in the day!

Somehow my DVD recorder didn't manage to record all the episodes, so I've missed a few in the middle. I find myself being attracted to the notion of the DVD box set. Did someone say Santa?


danasparkle said...

Classic. Love it when that happens. From a little tv show you become so informed about something you would otherwise know nothing about. A metal master. ha ha ha *

Paulita said...

It must be a great show if it sucked you in.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Very cool. Now you can share little tidbits of info about heavy metal with people at dinner parties. Perhaps with new acquaintances when you visit Paris next summer. Who knows where this may lead?