Friday 13 March 2015

The Man Who Loved Boxes

I came across this title recently in the list of 25 Classic Australian Kids Books from Good Reading Magazine last year. It's an intriguingly titled book. I've read a few of Stephen Michael King's books, and seen him speak in person, so I was curious enough to search it out. Turns out it is his first picture book from 1995.

The Man Who Loved Boxes didn't grab me straight away. It needed a few reads for me to appreciate it's gentle warmth. The story of a father and son.

The father has difficulty expressing his love for his son. He loves boxes, and can do all sorts of things with them.

The Man Who Loved Boxes is a beautiful book about two people bonding over shared activities. Even in this, his earliest book Stephen Michael King had developed his distinctive style of illustration. I love the palette he used. Purple on every page. Always good.

And scowling old ladies.
Always great.
The Man Who Loved Boxes is well worth seeking out.

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