Wednesday 18 March 2015

Glenda Millard's Top Ten Australian Children's Books

I was very excited to come across this list last week. I love any list, but especially an Aussie list of course, and it was so nice to see this one by Glenda Millard- one of our most original writers. And it had just so much synchronicity. I had just recently come across The Man Who Loved Boxes (and read it), and here it was again!

1. The Man Who Loved Boxes - Stephen Michael King (see my review)

2. Fox - Margaret Wild, Ron Books

3. The Trouble with Dogs - Bob Graham

4. Withering-by-Sea - Judith Rossell (see my review)

5. Bird and Sugar Boy - Sofie Laguna

6. The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley - Martine Murray (see my review)

7. The Running Man - Michael Gerard Bauer (see my review)

8. Something in the World called Love - Sue Saliba

9. Sea Hearts - Margo Lanagan

10. Leaf - Stephen Michael King


I'm ashamed to have not read Michael Gerard Bauer and Margo Lanagan- not just these particular titles, but any of their works. Bird and Sugar Boy has been lurking in my TBR for some time. I've not heard of Something in the World called Love before- there's always at least one I've never heard of...

August 2015 now 6/10 as I have just read, and totally loved, The Running Man. This list has 3 books I really loved- The Running Man, The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley and Withering-By-Sea. I think Glenda Millard has excellent taste....  Now I'm really curious about those titles unread. Something about the cover of Bird and Sugar Boy always appealed to me, I think it's next on the hit list.

September 2015 7/10

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