Sunday 29 September 2013

Dutch Breakfast

I've been taking quite an interest in the sugar debate this year. I read Sweet Poison, and I Quit Sugar, still I was more than astonished to learn last week that Holland may be the first country to criminalise sugar.

I thought back to our lovely, but too brief visit to Holland in June. We stayed with friends and got to participate in the ritual of a Dutch family breakfast. These people love their sugar! I do wonder if it's just one man's plan? I'm not sure that I can see it catching on.

Master Wicker learning about the joys of travel broadening tastebuds,
 and the magic of vlokken
They have a literal wall of vlokken
at the supermarket

The Dutch make an astonishing sugar bread (Suykerbrood). Basically like a brioche with lumps of sugar.

So delicious!
Great sliced with butter
But even better toasted!
It was funny to go to Holland and learn that toasting
 is a rather Australian preoccupation
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Esme said...

That is interesting for the Dutch-euthansia they are okay with but criminalize sugar-I must confess I never eat sugar at breakfast and none of that appeals to me. I think it is a younger taste bud-to put sugar on bread-I did it with cinnamon on toast as a teenager.

Linda said...

If I'm ever in Holland, I will definitely look for those. I'm one of those who love sugar.

Beth F said...

I noticed that too. I'm not big into sugar, but warm stroopwafels from the market or outdoor stand are pretty darn delicious.

Marg said...

Mmmm. That sugar bread looks good!

Joy said...

I've never heard of sugar bread or vlokken. But both look good for a vacation treat.

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Elizabeth said...

Yummy bread!! THANKS for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my Saturday Snapshot post.

If you or any of your followers missed the video about how authors love book bloggers, here is the link.

Tea said...

I need to visit Holland. I do have a sweet tooth which won't go away.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

One of the other chocolate items they have for breakfast are the chocolate sprinkles on bread .
actually called Hagelslag .. white bread with butter and the sprinkles on top ... and I just happen to have some in my cupboard :-)

Paulita said...

Criminalize sugar? That's criminal. Hope it doesn't gain much ground.

Heather said...

Chocolate for breakfast and sprinkles on toast work for me. I haven't heard of the bread with the sugar lumps in it, but I certainly would give it a try.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

These look yummy. I toast all my breakfast breads and bagels. Especially cinnamon breads.

As for the sugar problem, education would be a better solution. I know it's easier to criminalize it but in the end, banning things never works.