Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jacques Genin Rue du Bac

I was most excited last week to get to visit the new Jacques Genin store on the corner of Rue du Bac and Rue de Varenne. I'd heard of his legendary caramels of course but had never made it to his original store in the 3rd on any of my three previous visits to Paris. How fantastic that he opened this new left bank store just in time for our visit!

What an experience it is!

From the first glimpse outside
It's totally elegant and beautiful

 everything  is displayed like fine works of art- which indeed they are

So much to try

The pate des fruits (fruit jellies) glisten like jewels
and there are some rather unexpected flavours

Not all that is red is berry!

The Mangue Passion of legend

All too soon it is time to leave 
And what of the caramels? I've only eaten a few of my stash, but they are indeed divine. The Mangue Passion (Mango/Passionfruit) and Caramel Beurre Sale (Salted Butter Caramel) are incredible. The joy of the pate des fruits still awaits. 

Rather stupidly I didn't buy any of his chocolates on this visit. Thankfully they give you a tiny sachet with two chocolates to try. That milk caramel will stand up as one of the gustatory highlights of the trip I think. The dark chocolate mint has an incredibly intense mint flavour, and was a bit too much for me. 

And now I think I need a caramel for breakfast....

Jacques Genin
27 Rue de Varenne
Paris 75007
Tuesday-Saturday 1030-7


Brona said...

I am unable to type properly and wipe thr drool off my keyboard at the same time!


Esme said...

I love this store-and the location is so much better than the one in the Marais.

Louise said...

Brona- definitely one for your Paris to do list. JG is definitely my current favourite.

Esme- we went to the Marais Salon de The yesterday, and I am now in love with JG. Yes it's out of the way, but OMG, so amazing. The Rue de Bac location is super handy though.

I'm Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Oh my! Could you please just move to Paris, Louise, and post from there every day? Lol

Louise said...

I'd be more than happy to Deb! Just trying to work out a way.....

Paulita said...

This shop would be perfect for my mother, who loves jelly candy and caramels. Of course, I'd probably try a few things too. Great post with terrific pictures. Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. I'm still playing catch up.