Monday 6 October 2014

Wild France

This 2 part BBC documentary has been on our screens before I think, but I'd missed it. Thankfully it was repeated last month.

Beautifully shot, Wild France is stunning to watch.

Although some of the cinematography is a bit annoying. But there are some very cool shots.

It seem French birds don't like being sniffed
by somewhat crazed French men
can't say I blame them
I haven't seen a lot of wild France, unless you count Paris during the Sales. I've tried to find the birds of Paris, but have never  seen bears or deer or other incredible wild sights in France. There's just so much to look forward to with every visit.

Dreaming of France is a wonderful Monday meme
from Paulita aAn Accidental Blog


skiourophile said...

I think squirrel in the Versailles gardens are my 'wildest' thing so far, unless one counts having stayed in the red-light district. ;-)

Paulita said...

Louise, I agree. When the kids were little, we were always on the lookout for wild animals. We visited Paris, Nantes, the Mediterranean, and the Alps. Afterward, I said, I guess we didn't find any wild animals. My daughter said, There was a rat that ran into the bushes at Disneyland Paris. Ha!
I almost posted a picture of flamingoes today from the Camargue. We also saw wild horses in the Camargue and a running of the bulls.

Esme said...

I saw an ass once. One with four legs...not two.