Thursday 2 February 2012

Manna from Heaven

I don't consider myself a lucky person. I've never won the lottery, despite entering at least 20 times. But back in November I got a letter from the lovely folks at Good Reading, my favourite Aussie magazine about books and reading. I had won their subscriber draw for November! Which is most exciting as I've been a subscriber since their very first year. Then in December my parcel of books 8 fabulous books arrived from Fremantle Press.

Brothers by Antonio Buti
From Coast to Country by Neil and Jenny Delmage
The Waterboys by Peter Docker
Have You Seen Ally Queen? by Deb Fitzpatrick
My Dog Gave Me the Clap by Adam Morris
The Kid on the Karaoke Stage edited by Georgia Richter
Jake's Great Game by Ken Spillman
The Deep by Tim Winton

A great mix. Two kids books- the Winton, and Jake's Great Game. Some YA. Some that looks like adult fiction. A true crime. And a lovely gardening coffee table book.

I've read The Deep before. The ones that speak to me most:

My Dog Gave Me the Clap. That's a fantastic title. Who could go past that?

I love the back cover- even though it doesn't help me know what the book is about...

And Have You Seen Ally Queen looks like intriguing Aussie YA. I'm looking forward to learning more about them all. I've got a lot of Good Reading ahead of me....


Anonymous said...

Lucky you Louise ... you deserve it after all that time of subscribing.

Kath Lockett said...

Well done and yep, I'd go for 'My Dog Gave Me The Clap' first too!