Thursday 23 February 2012

Feeling Sad

Another picture book that lept into my hands at the library. I do enjoy European picture books, and I thought that Verroken sounded European. How right I was! But I did get confused along the way. Sarah Verroken is Belgian, but lived in New Zealand for a while, and is now back in Belgium it seems. The book was originally written in Dutch and published in Belgium, so that makes it European enough for me. 

Duck is feeling sad. Her world is black and white and full of despair. She is in the meadow with her little red toy, Dudley. 

But the voice of reason comes from a tiny frog, "Cheer up Duck, The clouds will pass, you must look ahead." And so Duck starts looking for the sun. And her world starts to colour.

I love the illustration style here. Black and white illustrations are always strong and appealing, and then the use of colour. 

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