Tuesday 17 November 2015

Pig the Fibber

Last year we had the sensational Pig the Pug, a very fun book about a very naughty pug called Pig. (See my review). This year Pig is back, being naughtier than ever. And poor Trevor is copping the brunt of it again. Pig likes to do naughty things and then lie about it and blame Trevor.

Of course Pig learns that lying is naughty in the end, but in the meanwhile there is lots of pug naughtiness and even some pug fart jokes.

Sadly my photo doesn't capture the full
malevolence of the cloud of green fug
Wonderful rhyme make Pig the Fibber a perfect read aloud book.

Aaron Blabey is one of the big names of Aussie picture books. Somehow he has managed to publish seven books this year! 7. I can't keep up.

This week I've fallen in love with another pug too. Loca lives in Belfast, and has a particular problem with running. So funny, you can't watch her just once.

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Brona said...

I'm such a sucker Louise - that feckin video made me cry!
No wonder mum wouldn't let me watch Lassie or Kimba the White Lion when I was little!

Louise said...

It made me laugh (and sigh the tiniest bit). No Lassie! No Kimba! I didn't mind Lassie, but I so loved Kimba- I bought it on DVD a few years ago.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Animal stories are always a hit in my school library. Any animals. Wild or tame. And body functions. Yes.