Sunday 14 December 2014

Pig the Pug

Little kids aren't very good at sharing. And neither are fat little pugs called Pig.

Pig won't share his toys with sweet little Trevor the sausage dog.

Of course Pig learns his lesson in a very fun way.

Pig the Pug is the most recent wonderful picture book from the considerable talents of Aaron Blabey. He has written many quirky and original picture books. One of Aaron's other recent books The Brothers Quibble has been selected for next years National Simultaneous Storytime to be held on May 27 2015.


bfh said...

Hello Lou

Been missing your musings with my morning porridge. The breakfast readings weren't quite the same this week. Good to see you back.


Louise said...

Why thank you! It's nice to be missed. It's been a bit busy this month, I expect this week will be a little slow too, but I hope to catch up soon. L

Brona said...

Lovely to see a post by you again and such a lovely post! You selected a couple of great pics of the dogs too :-)