Thursday 16 October 2014

Paris is wherever you are

even in small town Australia. Especially in the last few days before you go to Paris.

When browsing the bookshelves upstairs at
The Dragonfly Lounge

Passing the local optometrists

On the shelf at Taking Shape

At a random shop I've never noticed before


skiourophile said...

KMart is wall-to-wall wire Eiffel Towers if you want one. ;-) BTW did you see that the (real) Eiffel Tower now has a new tourist attraction with a glass floor on the 1st level? I'm not sure I could face the whole tourist thing again there tho.

Louise said...

I've already got a wire ET- from Target I think... I did see that about the new glass floor and exhibitions. I must admit to being quite tempted. The last few times I've been to the tower have been to Le Jules Verne, all the same spectacular views, and no queueing.

Brona said...

Who knew country NSW was so cosmopolitan?!?!