Sunday 4 March 2012

The Birdwatchers

A lovely picture book about a girl called Jess and her grandfather. Jess's grandfather is an enthusiastic birdwatcher. He tells her stories about his adventures birdwatching, and tries to get her interested too. 

How sometimes the birds draw him as he draws them.

So Jess goes birdwatching with her grandfather one day. And learns that sometimes birdwatching can be tricky.

But that it can foster the imagination too.

It's a lovely story about a girl and her grandad sharing an activity that they both enjoy. Clearly Simon James is a bit of a birdwatcher too, because this picture is SO perfect. I'm sure it encapsulates my own bird watching experiences!

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Sara said...

I love Simon James! And the Birdwatchers was one I have had out of the library fairly recently but had forgotten about. Thanks for the reminder!

Louise said...

His picture books are wonderful. This is a lovely one. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one enjoying it.