Wednesday 12 October 2011

All Sorts of Stupidity 4

As I was researching a bit to write my post on The Slap, I came across a news article that just left me astonished.

Radio National is a branch of our Australian national public broadcaster The ABC. I moved on from JJJ to Radio National quite a few years ago. JJJ is the youth broadcaster, and I listened to it longer than most I think. But it comes a time when you want more thought, more content and less indie rock. So you start listening to Radio National. And it's great!

So many fabulous programs. Radio National can make stuff that you're not really interested in, interesting. You can download most of it from their very good websites, and listen to it whenever it's convenient.  One of my great favourites is of course The Bookshow. Ramona Koval is fabulous. They explore a wide range of books and literature, big sellers and little known. You always learn something. Recently I listened to a story on the literary life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis while I was cooking one Saturday afternoon. I'd had no idea that she'd worked as a book editor. I'd had no idea that she'd worked actually. It was unexpectedly fascinating.

And now I find out that The Bookshow is under threat! RN are apparently planning to turn The Bookshow into an hour long books and arts show (up from the current 45 minutes), and claiming that this will increase the coverage of books! The Age has taken up the story. And The Australian. I haven't come across anything in The Herald as yet, which I presume is why I didn't know about this.

Thankfully Christos Tsiolkas has come out swinging. And I will too. Earlier this year I became old enough to write my first letter to the ABC. My second letter, well alright email, is under construction.  I hope yours is too. As the news reports have said of The Bookshow- everyone loves it just the way it is, and if it ain't broke- don't fix it!

Random photo of tulips in Launceston last month


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up Louise! How dare they!

Do you think my protest letter will carry any more weight if it comes all the way from the PRC??

The Book Show is also one of my favourite RN shows, along with Life Matters.

Louise said...

Oh I think the thoughts of expatriot listeners are very valuable. Can you listen online? If so, even more weight.