Thursday 25 November 2010

Top Ten Books (and some other diversions) To Read During the Holidays

I'm not a great reader of Christmas literature, but there are some that I like to read each year, and some that I'd like to read.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol
One that I'll be reading this year

The Night Before Christmas
One that I do read with my son every Christmas Eve, whether he wants to or not

Polar Express
A lovely story, that I remember reading, but don't quite remember the story, even though I have seen the movie more than once.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
A fabulous tale of Christmas Stalking. I must reread this this year

Matchless. A Christmas Story
One I found accidentally, and read at a non-Christmas time. I will try to re-read it this year

Six White Boomers
A book that comes with a theme song

A Child's Christmas in Wales
One that I haven't read yet, and won't get to this year,  but will one day.

Bad Santa
OK, so it's a movie, but it's pretty funny

I'm a total sucker for Christmas albums. Yes they can be unspeakably tragic (and I love those too) but they can also be glorious as well.

A Carnegie Hall Christmas Concert
Andre Previn, Wynton Marsalis, Frederica Von Stade, Kathleen Battle
Possibly my Favourite Christmas Album Ever

Christmas Carols and Motets
I only discovered the Tallis Scholars two years ago, this isn't my favourite album of theirs, but they still soar to beauty

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I don't participate every week, only when I feel I can do it justice.


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for Christmas albums and most years buy one new one for the collection. Limelight have put out one this year that I took part in the voting for (wish I could remember what I did vote for though!) so I think that will be this year's album if I find it easily somewhere.

Louise said...

ooh, that looks great. I buy more than one every year. I possibly have too many, but this looks a great one. And I don't have any Jessye Norman yet, and I never did buy that Beach Boys Christmas album I found in Queensland one time.....

Anonymous said...

We have some of these in our Christmas collection at school. One you might like to add (that I read to the kids today because it was my last library lesson for 2010) is Emily and the Big Bad Bunyip by Jackie French.
(You have to be good at making bunyip noises, of course!)

Louise said...

I make an excellent bunyip noises I believe. I think I've read that book, pretty sure I have, but don't remember it that well. Thanks for the suggestion Lisa. What are your favourites from the Christmas collection?

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Added Gregory Maguire's Matchless to my library queue. I hope to do a day of Christmas reading before the holidays. If my books will ever arrive....

Louise said...

I picked up Matchless at the library yesterday. Hoping to get a chance to reread it. I think you'll enjoy it. A day of Christmas reading would be nice, it's a nice idea