Wednesday 10 November 2010

Purple and Yellow

There's something about the combination of purple and yellow that I just love. It makes me happy  wherever it appears, and on whatever scale it happens to exist in.

Sadly I couldn't find  fields of purple and yellow side-by-side this year, but you get the idea.

More sadly my camera seems to photograph the purples a bit bluer than they really are.

Updated November 2012.
It's taken me a while to discover why, but the very clever and talented Carol Gillott at Paris Breakfast has explained why purple and yellow make such a fabulous combination. Purple and yellow sit opposite each other on the colour wheel used by artists- and so they always complement each other! Yellow will make the purple more intense. And I thought I was on to something new....


Kath Lockett said...

It's funny because purple and yellow are the exact opposites of each other but in nature they're beautiful when paired up.

Not so my best friend's curtains, bed spread, floor tiles and pillows in her bedroom in 1977 ~shudder~....

Louise said...

I'm moderately certain that I may have had a purple and yellow bed room in the late 70s too. Maybe I haven't moved on as much as I thought I had!

Anonymous said...

I agree! When I was five, the older children next door gave me a colouring book with several pages that they'd already coloured in. (My, I was very easily pleased!) One of the pictures they'd coloured had a purple and yellow check bedspread on the bed. I thought that it was just beautiful.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Yes it's true
Nature has the color wheel down pat as do most green grocers.
Look at the arrangement of fruit and veg