Saturday, 13 April 2019

Forage 2019

Forage is always one of my favourite events of the year. A highlight of Foodweek in Orange, it sells out every year- and usually in minutes.Today was the 9th Forage. I think it was my 8th. I was there at the first one in 2011, and was so happy to be back there again today. Back in 2011 there were a mere 350 Foragers, now there are 1500 keen participants each and every year ready to eat a 9 course degustation menu and drink the  matching wines over a 4.1km course. 

Greek Salad of Lamb and Feta
Highland Heritage Estate
We've just gone to level 4 water restrictions locally. It's pretty dry.

It's still lovely to walk through the vines though. 

Beetroot in Filo
Village Bakehouse

I really appreciated the focus on biosecurity and that Forage has become a certified Sustainable Event. All the plates and bowls were compostable which is fantastic. 

Leek and Potato Soup
Groundstone Cafe

It was a beautiful afternoon, quite temperate, just beautiful.

Station 4 was looking magnificent. 

As was the Beef and Kasundi Fatteh from Franklin Road Preserves

It seems I forgot to take any photos at Station 5, I must have been feeling too relaxed by this stage... everyone else was making the best of the local wines- I don't even have that as an excuse. 

The sunset put on a spectacular show. 

Rum and raisin ice cream with Anjou pear
Agrestic Grocer
It's fascinating to watch the evolution of Forage as an event. And also to see the profound difference that the weather has made to the conditions each year. 

Forage 2011
Forage 2012
Forage 2013
Forage 2014
Forage 2015
Forage 2016

I think I didn't go to Forage 2017 as it clashed with Newcastle Writers Festival - my other go to April event, and it appears that I was too slack to blog about Forage 2018. Oops.


Brona said...

One year I will get organised and join in - my sister and BIL managed to make it this year finally - did you spot them in the crowd at all?

Louise said...

Oh no I didn't! It's funny who you catch up with and who you don't.