Sunday 22 October 2017

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon the Third

Today is the 10 year anniversary of Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon, so I guess that there have been 20 readathons. Even though I knew about it for a long time I wasn't able to get organised, but I finally did last year, and loved it so much that I've been scheduling so I can participate. This is my third time. And possibly my most disorganised...

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon is an international even,t so time zones make it interesting. Here in Eastern Australia it starts at 10 or 11 pm on Saturday evening. Australian Eastern Summer Time in October is the 11pm start time. I was still at work at 11pm. I was meant to finish at 11.30, but got home at about 2am. Obviously you're a bit tired at that stage and it's not an ideal time to be starting anything. 

I'd also worked Friday evening, had not all that much sleep, had been up early Saturday morning to travel to a book sale, so have been even more tired than normal. I've barely stayed awake til now. But 14 hours in I think I'm finally awake. 

I have made a little progress so far. I picked some easy reads to start off. 

I finished off the last 52 pages The Dress. 

I read Bill's New Frock. (96 pages)

So I'm at 148 pages total. I need to settle down on my next book. I'm not sure what it will be yet. I didn't really refine my TBR prior to starting. I'm still working on my #springreadingstack.

I've read 5/10 so far

I gathered together some other options of course. 

But I may read any of the other unread books I have all over the house, depending on where my mood takes me. 

Ever since I discovered Booktube a few months ago my reading has taken a dive as I watch other people talk about (or sometimes do) their own reading. My goodreads target dropped from on schedule for most of the year to 5 books behind! I need to whittle that down some more today. I've got a few partially read books languishing next to the bed, I want to finish some of those and read some others. There's always so much more reading to do.  

Tally ho!

Update 1700 (6 hours to go)
Well I've slept some more, but have managed to finish the last 44 pages of One For The Books, which I started on June 27. 

Pages  192
Books completed 3
Sleeps 1
Naps 3

Update 1900 (4 hours to go)

No naps since the last update!

I read 118 pages of Amulet #1 The Stonekeeper. 

And I listened to the first three chapters of Moby Dick Big Read whilst out walking the dogs.

And I was surprised! Really surprised. I really liked it, and will keep going. Moby Dick Big Read is free to download. Each chapter has a different narrator- some famous, some not. I wondered how I would like that. So far I haven't minded that, the main difficulty is the large and obvious differences in the technical production and sound quality. 

Pages  310

Books completed 4
Chapters of Moby Dick listened to 3
Sleeps 1
Naps 3

Update 2200 (1 hour to go)
I did some real lifing for a few hours, but have read 74 pages of Amulet #2 The Stonekeeper's Curse.

Pages  384
Books completed 4
Chapters of Moby Dick listened to 3
Sleeps 1
Naps 3

Final Update 2300

I finished Amulet #2 The Stonekeeper's Curse.

Pages  529
Books completed 5
Chapters of Moby Dick listened to 3
Sleeps 1
Naps 3

Not quite the result I was looking for, but 529 pages in a day is way more than I would normally read.  And I'm back on track for my Goodreads 2017 Challenge! YAY!

Now for the hard part- I need to blog my reads. I never got to finish blogging the reads from my first two readathons. Must try harder this time. 

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon The First
Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon The Second

As always I'm joining Brona in #teamanz


NancyElin said...

Great wrap-up!
I do lose time making notes for books I 'really' want to review.
(T. Astley, D. Ireland)
Non-ficton books + childrens's books I can review ...afterwards.
I took part in 3 discussions @Readathon which took extra time.
All in all pleased and looking forward to April 2018 #TeamANZ @Brona'sBooks!

Brona said...

That's a great effort Louise, especially for someone so tired.
This was my most organised book-wise, but I'm resigned to the fact that I will never be able to devote a whole day to reading anymore. I like to think that the breaks I have make the reading time more productive :-)

The next readathon will see me in I suspect I will be reading in spirit only!

Louise said...

Thanks Nancy! Making notes and blogging does take a considerable time, doesn't it? If I don't do a review fairly soon after finishing then the impetus and memory dry up and it never gets done. Readathons are such fun though.

Hi Brona, you approached it like a ninja! Very organised. Mine was very slap dash, I enjoyed it still of course, but I need to be more organised next time, so that I can get something besides graphic novels read. I did catch up on my goodreads challenge though, and have even sneaked a little ahead this week. Now to get caught up on the blogging, some of which I can use for AusReading Month.