Tuesday 3 October 2017

Steptember Wrap-up

Well, Steptember is finally done and dusted. I'm actually kind of glad. I need a rest. My left knee really needs a rest.

But it was a fun month. I did a lot of walking....

A rather massive total of 367, 957 steps!

Walking myself most of the way to Sydney...

Along the way my team raised $1090 for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. 

I battled the elements- wind, rain, snow (yes snow, though not very much), sun, and then hayfever for the last few days.

I watched many birds. The birds I see everyday- galahs, magpies, crimson rosellas, eastern rosellas, crested pigeons and more, but there were a few special appearances too- some king parrots, and a red-capped robin made an appearance on a couple of days.

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I didn't know it at the time but it seems I was doing Mindfulness Walking (yes there's a right way to even go for a walk these days) for most of the month. I've since spoilt that, got myself some new headphones and have been listening to an audiobook or a selection of fabulous walking songs whilst out pounding the pavements. 

My dogs really liked it. They walked about six times as many steps as I did I guess and yet were still keen every time to head out for another walk. 

They smelled hundreds of new smells.

Actually I enjoyed it so much that I'm kind of plotting a new plan...


Brona said...

Well done you!

Can't what to see what you're plotting.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm a huge walker myself, though I almost never walk during the school year. But once I retire...

I wonder how steps translate into miles.