Thursday 7 July 2016

Top 10 Childrens and YA Books That Adults Can Learn From

Adults can always learn something from quality childrens literature. And enjoy them too. A recent list from The Guardian.

Young people tend to be the bravest readers. I’ve met many adults who say “I don’t read children’s books” as if they are in a foreign language they never learnt. But many of them are teaching big, bold lessons disguised as beautiful, challenging stories.

1. Where the Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

2. Noughts and Crosses - Malorie Blackman

3. The Wave - Morton Rhue

4. The Lie Tree - Frances Hardinge

5. His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman

6. Am I Normal Yet? - Holly Bourne

7. Refugee Boy - Benjamin Zephaniah

8. The Tulip Touch - Anne Fine

9. Panther - David Owen

10. Asking for It - Louise O'Neill


Quite a few here that I haven't heard of before. Always more to do. 

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

It always amazes me how many good books I haven't read. And haven't even heard of. Sigh.