Sunday 26 June 2016

Are polka dots acceptable for over-25s?

I do like to read the weekend papers. I like all the supplements.  The book reviews. The art reviews. The recipes. Often these aren't easily available online, and it's nice to read the magazines, much like I prefer to read real books over ebooks. And yes, I even like the fashion pages. Most often they make me laugh or shake my head. "Really, $3000 for that. I don't know who buys this stuff."

Last week I read the Weekend Australian Magazine from June 11 2016 and I can't tell you how often I've thought about this silly little article in the last week. I'm not fully sure why but I was more than moderately incensed by the proposed age limit on polka dots. Do fashion people really think like that? Is it something anyone needs to think about? No wonder that the model looks downcast. I have a polka dot scarf that I enjoy wearing at the moment, and I'm a little past 25. Although it is true that you do need a certain je ne sais quoi to be able to pull off top to toe polka dots.

Glynis Traill-Nash appears to have recovered from her mistake at removing polka dots from her wardrobe and perhaps it was all a little bit of fun. I was then astonished at her suggestions for how we might include some polka dots in our mundane lives.

Like this Marco De Vincenzo dress. On sale for a mere $4, 359 (but now the price has dropped even further to $2,490)- I simply can't ever imagine spending $2,490 on a dress. Never mind that the full original price was $6, 228. And is it irony that she's picked a dress that wouldn't suit anyone over 25?

Who then needs to carry a copy of Alice in Wonderland?

Similarly while it is super cute and dotty, are we average newspaper readers meant to aspire to a handbag that is $1518 (on sale)? Perhaps we are because I can't find it on the website anymore. I do really like Mary Katrantzou's use of print and colour though.

Or an $1787 ring?

I could have written this post about pretty much any fashion article, but the polka dot comment pushed me over the edge. It's been a while since I had a bit of a rant. It was time. There, I feel better now.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Rant on. Seriously, why do people spend so much money on things?
I consider myself frugal until I had to empty my closets for a renovation of them. Honestly, I have put a moratorium on any clothes buying this year and I don't even spend a lot on any piece.

And polka dots, I'll wear them if I want!!

Anonymous said...

I had a black and white polka dot blouse that I just tossed recently - not because I suddenly turned 25 (haha, I wish - or, do I?) but because its style didn't suit the bottoms I had. It wasn't the polka dots that made me more it on though - I loved those and didn't feel at all wrong wearing them. Hmm, perhaps I should have! The polka dots were small though - perhaps the size makes the difference!

It's actually interesting this whole what should you wear at different ages thing. I think we are opening up a lot about that - but occasionally I do wear something that I think, hmmm, perhaps I should accept that this is not my age. And other times, I think, oh dear, this makes me look so mumsy. And, I'm not a fashion conscious person - no makeup, always flat shoes,etc.

Paulita said...

I do hate when they say a certain age can't wear a certain style. Ridiculous. I've just started uncovering my knees in dresses and it might be a bit inappropriate for my age, but I'm going for it.
The purse is adorable. If the price drops to $50, I might consider it.