Monday 23 September 2013


Tanglewood is the most recent book from the rather extraordinary Margaret Wild. I've featured her previously with her last book, The Dream of the Thylacine. I wasn't as familiar with Vivienne Goodman at first glance, but I see now that she illustrated Mem Fox's Guess What?

Tanglewood is a tree, living a rather lonely life "on a tiny island, in the middle of nowhere". Tanglewood is looking for company, and tries to entice seals, dolphins and birds to visit the island. 

But nobody ever came. 

Until a seagull is blown off course in a storm and lands on the island with Tanglewood, and Tanglewood learns about friendship, family and hope. 

Vivienne Goodman has done a beautiful job illustrating Tanglewood's loneliness. 

Tanglewood is doing quite well this year. It was shortlisted for the Picture Book of the Year 2013 by the Children's Book Council of Australia, along with Sophie Scott Goes SouthA Day to Remember and The Coat (which took out the award). Tanglewood won the Environment Award for Children's Literature 2013.


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

As usual, Tanglewood is (apparently) not yet available in the US. Very annoying!

Anonymous said...

A tree is an unusual focus for a story about friendship. There do seem to be many unique picture books these days on the market, which is a pleasure to see. I'll have to keep watch for it.