Thursday 14 December 2017

My Life in Books (2017 Edition)

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I don't often do two posts on a day, but I saw this meme at Brona's Books this afternoon and I knew that I had to do this today too. It's a hot day, and I'm hiding out inside under the fan, perfect conditions for meme generation. 

Brona was inspired by Adam at Roof Beam Reader

The rules? Pretty simple: answer the questions with books you read this year!

In high school I was: Scrappy Little Nobody (Anna Kendrick)
People might be surprised (by): Good Me, Bad Me (Ali Land)

I will never beThe Worst Witch (Jill Murphy)

My fantasy job isMy (Part-Time) Paris Life (Lisa Anselmo)

At the end of a long day I needGood Night Stories for Rebel Girls (Elena Favili, Francesca Cavallo)

I hate it when: Five Give Up The Booze (Enid Blyton)

Wish I hadA Paris All Your Own (Eleanor Brown)

My family reunions areThe Case Against Fragrance (Kate Grenville)

At a party you’d find meWasted (Elspeth Muir)

I’ve never been toThe Beach at Night (Elena Ferrante)

A happy day includes
Millions (Frank Cottrell Boyce)

Motto I live byCan't We Talk About Something More 
Pleasant? (Roz Chast)

On my bucket list isA Paris Year (Janice MacLeod)

In my next life, I want to haveNew Life, No Instructions (Gail Caldwell)


Brona said...

Love it! I knew there would be lots of Paris references.

Louise said...

Predictably so I'm afraid.