Monday, 4 January 2016

French Bingo 2016

I had a great time participating in French Bingo 2015, although sadly I never got to leap up yelling BINGO even though I read 14 books. Emma from Words And Peace has changed the categories somewhat this year, and I'll give it another crack.

I'm looking forward to French Bingo 2016.You can join in the fun too.

1. Me Talk Pretty One Day January 4. B1, D3

2. Joan of Arc. The Story of Jehanne Darc. April 22. B1, C1, C4
3. Letter to D. A Love Story. Aug 1. B1, C2, E2.
4. Ransacking Paris. Aug 23. A5, B1, B3
5. Happy People Read and Drink Coffee. Aug 31. A5, B5, E2
6. The President's Hat. Oct 17. A5, C4, E2
7. Flowers for Mrs Harris. Oct 31. D3


Anonymous said...

looking forward to see your titles!

Esme said...

this is a fun challenge-my approach to the challenges is more let me see what I read vs making sure I fill the categories-I always thought it should be fun. Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Bonjour Louise, time to think of posting your recap and your bingo here:
for a chance to win a prize.
Emma - for French Bingo.
And so that you know: because of lack of interest, I will not organize it in 2017