Monday 11 March 2013

Books About Books Reading Challenge 2013

I'm not a great one for joining reading challenges, mainly because most of my reading time is taken up with scheduled reading and I don't have all that much flexibility, or time available. I did chose this for myself, so I'm happy with it, but still, one has to be vaguely sensible. Actually I've just realised that I've never done a formal post about my scheduled reading, which is from a book about a book, perhaps this will be a perfect opportunity to do one of those too.

I'd seen Mint Condition's 2013 Books about Books Reading Challenge announcement, but was holding off so as not to put any further pressure on myself. But since I started reading a book that would count towards the challenge, and we can read just one book if we want, well then, I'm in.

  • The challenge will run from January 1st, 2013 – December 31st, 2013
  • Sign up throughout the year – no cut-offs here 
  • Book can be in any format – bound, audiobook, ebook
  • All books read during 2013 count – even if you started before January 1st
  • Rereads absolutely count
  • Read any of the following:
    • Compilations of essays on authors/literature or reading pathways
    • Books about writing books
    • Fiction in which books play a big role
  • Flash fiction: 1-5 books
  • Short story: 6-10 books
  • Novella: 11-15 books
  • Novel: 16-20 books
  • Doorstopper: 21+ books
I'll go with flash fiction level. I'll definitely get one read, maybe two. Or more who knows?

I'm currently reading Susan Hill's Howards End is on the Landing

I have Alice Ozma's The Reading Promise sitting unread on my TBR. I'd love to get that read too. 

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