Tuesday 17 July 2012

Tour de France

I'm certainly not a sports fan, but every July I start watching tv sport quite frantically and obsessively. But not just any tv sport. The Tour de France. It's quite a commitment to watch the Tour in Australia. The time difference is a killer. The SBS telecast only starts at 10pm each night, and goes til about 2am. That's a tough schedule to keep up for 3 weeks! Jobs, family and sleep all suffer.

It's not just about the cycling though.

Although the cycling is fascinating enough in itself, and there are certainly interesting characters racing each day. These men are astonishing warriors, as they undertake riding 3,000 km all over France (and occasionally in neighbouring countries) in 3 weeks- an almost impossible feat it would seem.

I love the scenery too of course. It's extraordinary.

 I may squeal out loud when I've been there!

They make special efforts to show us every church and chateau near the route, as well as the natural beauty of the countryside.

Or sigh if it makes my feet itch just a little
SBS also goes to great lengths to give us a taste of the areas the cyclists move through. At the start of each broadcast Gabriel Gate highlights the food of the region, and then cooks a typical dish.

Pink lentils!

It's the whole package, and why I'll be up late again tonight. And as many nights as I can until it all ends in Paris next Monday morning Australian time.

Paris in July hosted by BookBath and Thyme for Tea


MedicatedMoo said...

I feel terribly guilty because I haven't been watching a second of it and it's on at a decent time over here.

I'll excuse myself by saying that I was glued to the telly a couple of weeks earlier thanks to Wimbledon.

skiourophile said...

I'm lucky enough to be able to watch in real time this holiday. Normally I don't bother in Australia - too exhausting. I admire your commitment!

Marg said...

I too love watching Le Tour, not only for the cycling!

By the time the tour and the Olympics finish I am going to be exhausted!

Brona said...

I should hook you up with my mother and husband...they bond beautifully at this time of year :-)

Louise said...

Kath- no guilt needed. It would be hard to watch it during the day. What do people do who have to work? It must be frustrating.

Thanks Skiourophile. It is exhausting- I need my rest day tonight too.

Marg- I probably won't watch all that much of the Olympics. Some of the major stuff, and a few particular events.

Dragonfly- the tour is a great equalizer- such a broad appeal.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Who wouldn't love hearing about not only the race but the countryside and the food available?!

Jeanie said...

My name is Jeanie. I am a Tour de France junkie. And boy, am I in withdrawal! My partner, Rick, is a serious cyclist and every night we watch it -- daytime before work (here in the states the live show is while I'm working) and sometimes after if they're showing it. I was sorry to see Cadel have a rough time this year but still to be in the top 10 (and up in that level) is more than I could imagine! When we were in France we had our host take us on the route down the Champs, around Concorde, through the tunnel and back! I'm loving finding fellow Tour fans!