Monday 1 February 2010

You Eat it Why?

Browsing through the Sunday Telegraph (I do all my big reading on the weekends) I came across an "article" extolling the virtues of nutricosmetics. Taking "you are what you eat" to the ridiculous extreme it seems. I can't find a link to the actual article and it's too long to type out in full.

Apparently the rest of the world is way ahead of us in this regard. The Japanese are eating collagen filled marshmallows, and slurping down Shiseido's pure White skin-whitening drink, or snacking on collagen coated dried fruit. The Europeans have anti-ageing jam to spread on their baguettes. The article states that American women in their 20s and 30s (ie the young ones who really don't need this stuff) are more likely to be accepting of nutricosmetics, whilst older American women are (sensibly) more sceptical.

Five products are listed in a companion box (who said advertorial! Hush).

1. Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bear Bosters

Snack your way to better looking skin! These delectable gummi bear dietary supplements are the first mobile, surprisingly delicious skin care nutraceuticals designed to harness the positive effects of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients offered in BORBA formulations.

Each Gummi Bear Booster contains a revolutionary, cultivated bio-vitamin complex, shown to help skin regenerate its natural support system. Helps increase the potential to absorb skin caring ingredients into the epidermis. Combines simplicity and nutrition with the delight of confections to deliver the benefit of enhanced skin care.

Only 25 bucks US for 136 gummi bears!

2. Glowelle

2 basic products a 100 calorie drink or a 50 calorie powder in 2 flavours (Pomegranate Lychee or Raspberry Jasmine)

Hmmm, they have Clinical Proof. 56 women participated in a 5 month trial. They've made a "summary of the clinical trial key findings". Well they've written 3 points, but there are no actual results presented.

I'm not too sure about this finding either- Research shows that skin color unevenness alone can account for up to 20 years of apparent age. 20 years, just from looking a bit blotchy? I don't think so. Surely noone can buy that?

Someone must be buying Glowelle, for only $US112 for a 30 day supply. Bargain.

3. Tea Tonic Complexon Tea

Start your day with this famous blend of herbs which helps to foster an aluminous glow. It is caffeine free, organic and anti-oxidant rich.

I was almost beguiled by this product. The company is mainly just selling teas. Not bad in and of itself surely. There is only one with nutricosmetic claims. Why call it Complexon Tea, and not Complexion Tea? And it will give you an aluminous glow. Aluminous? Like aluminium? Or just a-luminous, which I think is the opposite really of what it's stated aims are.

4. Frutels

Perhaps my favourite of the five products featured.

Individually wrapped dark chocolate drops containing vitamins and minerals said to balance hormones and support skin to prevent pimples. Say what? Only US39.95 for a months supply.

5. DeLuscious Biscuits

Sinful sounding biscuits that support skin health. The biscuits contain acai and noni berries, plus vitamins B3, B6, B12 and flaxseed.

Six biscuits for only $US 24.95

Call me crazy but isn't this what fruit and vegetables and a balanced diet are for???

Mind you the erstwhile Sunday Telegraph does (if you make it as far as the last paragraph) remind us that good skin starts with a balanced diet and plenty of water. Protect skin cells and slow the ageing process with antioxidant rich foods such as blueberries, dark green leafy vegetables, tomato paste, avocados, parsley and kiwifruit. Ensure your diet includes essential fatty acids, vitamin A and C, plus selenium, which can be foudn in brazil nuts and wholegrain bread.

No mention of the big two nasties- smoking and sun exposure....


Sue T said...

LOL Louise ... I think I'll stick with fresh fruit and vegetables (oh, and some of that really healthy liquid refreshment!)

(PS Why does your blog not let me change my commenter profile? Some Blogger blogs do and some don't. Very curious)

Hannah said...

We do live in a bizarre world a little bit, don't we?! I must admit to buying a bag of chocolate calcium supplements in the US, but I think that's okay, maybe? They're like chewable Vitamin C treats, except chocolate, and with 50% of your calcium. Might have one now, actually...