Saturday 24 December 2016

Eat Queenstown

Last month I went to Queenstown for a few days.

It's a long way from most everywhere

My trip was for a conference,  not a holiday, but naturally I got to eat a few things too- a few were a bit so so (which I will leave off), and others fabulous.

Conference food is not always great, but we had amazing food at the welcome reception at the Skyline Gondola. I ate a lot of very delicious scallops on skewers. 

Fergburger is a Queenstown institution. I never saw the queue less than half a block long, but it moves pretty quickly- we joined in on a Monday night and in about 15 minutes you're ordering, and 15 minutes later you're partaking. 

My friend's Big Al
My more modest Bun Laden
(and a most delicious Gingerbread Shake from Mrs Ferg!)

Mrs Ferg does a nice range of gelato too

I can never go past Pistache

Gelato turned out to be a bit of a theme in Queenstown and I ended up making several visits to Patagonia, and fell in love... Patagonia have outlets in Queenstown, Arrowtown and Wanaka. 

especially with the Dulce de Leche 
One night I had a hot chocolate and pastry. There are two Patagonias very close to each other on the waterfront- the two story one has a great upstairs area with amazing views over Queenstown harbour.

The best (only) Paris-Brest since Paris...
It was really pretty good.

Dinner one night was at the recently opened The Grille by Eichardt's

Fabulous creamy oysters

Seafood Chowder

Crayfish Meatballs

The Bombe Alaska was a bit one dimensional,
a bit disappointing, and no flambé

The next morning we were back for breakfast ... in a delightfully English gentleman's club bar atmosphere. 

Coolest cutlery ever?

Roast Mushrooms on rye toast, poached eggs

I didn't have time (or the capacity) to stop and try an All Black from Cup & Cake one day

as I was on the way to the (recently opened) Balls and Bangles for a donut which I had spied the day before. 

For our final meal we ended up at Madam Woo

Naturally I'd been attracted by the Vueve bike outside,
although I'm not sure why it's there

I don't have any good pictures as it was quite dark by this time
but we had an absolutely delicious banquet of
Malaysian hawker style food

And just when you're sad at leaving beautiful Queenstown behind you find a little Patagonia tucked away in the  airport for one last taste.

Sadly no Dulce de Leche this day,
but the Mango Yoghurt was good too. 
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Sue Bursztynski said...

You must have rolled off the plane when you got back! ;-) I have been to Queenstown, but it was for the sights. Only a couple of days, staying at the YHA, and I did a half day LOTR tour. On the way in, our bus stopped to cheer on the one group member who wanted to do bungee jumping.

Beth F said...

Wow, so many delicious things. Those burgers looks amazing, and it's pretty impressive how quickly they can move that huge line. I have a weakness for pastries and wouldn't say no to a gelato (or two).

Mae Travels said...

The scallops are really delicious looking. I'd go along with your choice to eat several. The selection of restaurants and dessert places is amazing.

best... mae at

Jackie McGuinness said...

I saw the line ups for Ferburger when we were there, but we didn't go in.
There's nothing like a good burger!

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Your beautiful food photos made me hungry! I'm a big fan of gelato and pastries, and the seafood looks outstanding -- delicious and beautifully presented. I'm ready for a culinary trip to Queenstown!

Katherine P said...

Oh wow! That all looks delicious! Those onion rings in the background of the burger photo look mouthwatering and the burgers don't look so bad either! Now I'm craving gingerbread milkshakes and gelato. Looks like a fun and super tasty treat.

Carol said...

Looks so delicious! Now I want a gingerbread milkshake, too.

Brona said...

I don't remember eating that well when I was in Queenstown! But I was only 25 & yet to discover the joys of travel & food!!
Looks like Queenstown deserves another look!

westmetromommy said...

I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures!

Allison said...

Seems as if you had a lot of fun! I've never been to Queenstown, but I imagine a visit there would take a long time. My husband and I are huge fans of scallops. The ones in the photo look mouth-watering. We also like pastries. We'd have a hard time not sampling everything. ;-)

betty-NZ said...

I've heard that the town has a lot to offer. These are great photos.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Now that's a food tour.