Saturday 10 December 2016

An Afternoon in Glenorchy

Recently I spent a lovely few days in Queenstown, New Zealand. Even though I've been to NZ quite a few times I'd never been to Queenstown, but knew that it was a beautiful area. And it most certainly is. One afternoon we had a few spare hours and took a drive to Glenorchy, a town that I'd not really heard of, but a lot of people know of it as a Lord of the Rings location, and the series Top of the Lake (which I know would like to seek out) was also filmed there.

Looking back to Queenstown

Looking ahead to Glenorchy

Everywhere you look is like a postcard,
a Very Windy postcard this particular day


The Wharf Shed

Jet boats are everywhere, they look fun....
Maybe next time?

We walked part of the Glenorchy Walkway
beside the Dart River

It was like walking into that postcard

The war memorial in Glenorchy

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Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I have a friend that is in NZ right now (her sister married a person from NZ, so she often visits there) and a friend who went there last year. I know the friend who went last year visited the spot where Lord of the Rings was filmed, so she might have gone to this place. I just know that it is a deeply beautiful place.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Fabulous photos! Since I've been blogging, I've seen lovely photos and read wonderful books set in both New Zealand and my Bucket List includes seeing those places IRL. problem. My fear of flying long distances.

Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Ginx Craft said...

What a contrast. The mountains look so dramatic, yet in the valleys it looks so fresh and lush. You can taste the clean air.

Sue Jackson said...

Gorgeous pictures - such a beautiful place! A young friend of ours in grad school just had a grant that included a trip to NZ, and her #1 priority was to see where Lord of the Rings was filmed!

Thanks for sharing -


Book By Book

Brona said...

NZ is such a beautiful country, I do hope to return one day.

Were you there during the last earthquake? I believe they're still feeling tremors regularly - it must be quite frightening.

Louise said...

Deb and Sue- LOTR was filmed in quite a few locations around NZ, over both islands. Deb it is indeed a deeply beautiful country.

Laurel- I hope you get over that phobia one day. Long haul travel is just much, much more boring than short flights, that's it.

Ginx - it was lovely, almost like being in Switzerland.

Brona- I was there not long after the most recent Christchurch/Kaikoura earthquake. Weirdly Queenstown is seldom affected by earthquakes, I mean obviously there's been a few there in the past....

Mae Travels said...

New Zealand is so far from where I live that I've only been there once, and indeed it's a beautiful place as your lovely photos illustrate. I also visited some LoTR locales, and I think the dreamy landscapes were all perfect for the mood of the films.

best... mae at