Thursday, 12 May 2016

Readings Children's Book Prize 2016

The book prize shortlists have been going mad lately. The Readings Children's Book Prize was established in 2014. It is for books written for children aged 5- 12. Readings is a Melbourne institution and was recently won the Bookstore of the Year Award at the London Book Fair.

The Bad Guys - Aaron Blabey

Samurai vs Ninja: The Battle for Golden Egg - Nick Falk and Tony Flowers

Run, Pip, Run - J.C. Jones (WINNER)

88 Lime Street - Denise Kirby

The Cat with the Coloured Tail - Gillian Mears and Dinalie Dabarera

Mister Cassowary - Samantha Wheeler

Synopses for all the books from Readings here.

The winner will be announced in June. 

Update June 2016. Run, Pip Run was announced as the winner. Read the Judges Report here. And in yet another moment of pure synchronicity I am about to start reading one of the author J.C. Jones' favourite books, I am David. 

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