Thursday 5 November 2015

The Top 10 Australian Children's Picture Books

 An Australian list to kick off Brona's AusReading Month, this most excellent list is a few years old now, but still relevant. These books were all favourites of the list author's daughters, and these girls certainly had good taste. Nicholas Reece in his introduction says that Australia punches above its weight in children's entertainment. That is certainly true of children's books- our picture book creators, middle grade (there I am using that term, I wish there was another) and YA authors are all rather amazing.

1. Fox - Margaret Wild, Ron Brooks (2000)

2. The Hero of Little Street - Gregory Rogers (2010)

3. Animalia - Graeme Base (1986)

4. Possum Magic - Mem Fox, Julie Vivas (1983)

5. Amy and Louis - Libby Gleeson, Freya Blackwood (2006)

6. Tiddalick The Frog Who Caused A Flood - Robert Roennfeldt (1980)

7. Imagine - Alison Lester (1989)

8. Where Is The Green Sheep? - Mem Fox, Judy Horacek (2006)

9. Stanley Paste - Aaron Blabey (2009)

10. Diary of a Wombat - Jackie French, Bruce Whatley (2003)


Any child would benefit from these books, and like all great books, there is much there for adults to enjoy too. Interesting that most of them are quite recent. My favourites would be Where is the Green Sheep? and Diary of a Wombat I think.


Brona said...

As a former preschool teacher I can happily say that I have read all 10 of these books & like you Where is the Green Sheep is my favourite. It worked with every single class, every single time.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

When I get through reading the Cybils, I see that I need to read some Australian picture books. I am wild about Green Sheep. But there are many on this list I have not read.