Thursday 26 November 2015

2015 Prime Minister's Literary Award Shortlist

This week the shortlist was released for the 2015 Prime Minister's Literary Award. It is rather late in the year for such an announcement  although our PM does change every few months, so it must be difficult to keep continuity going. I can't find the date for the award announcements. 

The awards are given in six categories. Fiction. Poetry. Prize for Australian History. Nonfiction. Young Adult Fiction. Children's Fiction. We'll look at the last two categories here- the other categories are available on the website. ,

Young Adult Fiction

Are You Seeing Me? - Darren Groth

The Astrologer's Daughter - Rebecca Lim

The Minnow - Diana Sweeney

WINNER - The Protected - Claire Zorn (see my review)

Tigers on the Beach - Doug MacLeod

Children's Fiction

My Dad is a Bear - Nicola Connelly, Annie White (illustrator)

My Two Blankets - Irena Kobald, Freya Blackwood (illustrator) (see my review)

WINNER - One Minute's Silence - David Metzenthen, Michael Camilleri (illustrator) (see my review)

Two Wolves - Tristan Bancks (see my review)

Withering-by-Sea - Judith Rossell (see my review)

The Prime Minister's Literary Award is quite a generous prize- the winner takes home $80,000, while the shortlisted authors all receive $5,000.  I look forward to finding out the winners.

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Brona said...

I'm not sure how they will judge the junior books - such a diverse age range in the five books nominated as well as very different styles/genres. I did love Withering though, so I hope it gets a nod this time.

Beth F said...

I love the cover of Tigers on the Beach!

Tamara said...

I could be sacked for this - but does our prime minister read fiction? Some interesting books on this list. If you didn't post it I dont think I would've seen it. Thanks

bermudaonion said...

Those are all new titles to me.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I finally got around to cataloging the books I picked up for our library from the October book fair. My Two Blankets is definitely one I cataloged yesterday. Must give it a read soon. Scholastic is so good at picking wonderful books and they are strangely good at including wonderful Australian books now and then.