Saturday 6 September 2014

Orange Regional Gallery

Regional art galleries often offer up amazing gems, like last years amazing Wunderkammer exhibition. They're usually relaxed and rather uncrowded. I recently visited Orange Regional Gallery again and was wowed by each of the three exhibitions currently on. Sadly two of them finish tomorrow.

Gallery One had Does Humour Belong in Art? (until September 28 2014)

Dali 2013 - Danno

Still Life 2014 - Terry Dacht-Ullman

There's fun and interest everywhere

The Hulkificaiton of Mr T 2014 - Mike Foxall 

Cocoon - Tony Giles 

Assorted Illustrations - Annie Walker 2013

Untitled - Will Coles
these solved a mystery for me

Prince of Denmark (for Alan) - Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro

Gallery Two had the incredibly beautiful With One Stroke, an exhibition of work by the International Chinese Calligraphy and Brush Painters Society. Their ink is made from the soot of pine trees, and fashioned into these beautiful images.

The essence of this art is that it is non-representational but must contain the essence or 'soul' of the subject. 

Springtime -
Martha Goedings ( The Netherlands)

Spring Cherry Blossoms
Camp Fire
Ransui Yakata (Japan)

Kalpa MacLachlan (The Netherlands)
(I love puffins!)

The tools of the trade

While The Green Desert was upstairs in Gallery Three. A collection of extraordinary photos of Lake Eyre/Kati Thanda  by Peter Elfes.

The Tangerine Sea II 
Reflections III

The Tangerine Sea I

Three rather different exhibitions. All fabulous.

Orange Regional Gallery
151 Byng Street
Tues- Saturday 10-5
Sunday/Public Holiday 12-4

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skiourophile said...

The regional galleries are so interesting. I'm hoping to get back to Bendigo sometime soon to see both the travelling exhibitions on there at the moment: one from the V&A on underwear and another from the British Museum on the ancient Greeks. And the home collection there is itself excellent.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

What a wide variety of interesting exhibits! Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Thanks for sharing some of the beauty you saw at this exhibition. The "With One Stroke" creations especially appealed to me, and so did the photography of Lake Eyre. Amazing art.
Sandy @ Texas Twang

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I would love to see this!

Ginx Craft said...

What interesting exhibitions. The first one looks great fun, and the photos in the last one are surreal.

grammajudyb said...

WOW! All I can say is WOW! Thanks for sharing these amazing exhibits.

Brona said...

The Bathurst Art Gallery often hosts incredible exhibitions too. I often go with my mum when we have a w/e visit.

I loved the calligraphy pics (but that is one of my areas of passion/interest).

The best bit though was spotting a friend's name in the humour section - Mike Foxall is good friend's with my sister & BIL. His wife is also an artist.

Unknown said...

I love the way regional galleries are so active. I remember as a child how they were dead... the same paintings hanging in the same positions for years. The Gallery in Bathurst in the late 60's / early 70's was near the Library in the Council chambers. I used to borrow a book and go up to the library and sit and read for a half hour or so... isolated, silent,
alone... no more. It's a good thing.