Monday, 3 June 2013

Pearlie in Paris

I'll read pretty much anything set in or about Paris. I do particularly like kids books set in Paris though. I've read a few now. Mr Chicken Goes to Paris. Oops. I get a thrill seeing Paris even in picture book format, and get that familiar buzz, of "ooh, I've been there." So, Pearlie in Paris leapt into my hands recently. 

Wendy Harmer, started off as a journalist, to become one of Australia's most popular comedians back in the late 80s. She then had a career in radio. After her children were born she turned her very clever mind to writing. She has written for adults, young adults and children. The popular Pearlie series of books kicked off with Pearlie in the Park.  I read Pearlie in the Park a few years ago to quell my curiosity. There are now quite a few titles, all very pink and sparkly and designed to appeal to young girls. Pearlie in Paris doesn't disappoint.

Pearlie travels to Paris in spring to visit her friend Fifi, the most famous fairy in Paris, who lives in the Jardin du Palais Royal.

Fifi has been hard at work on her Spring Collection for Fairy Fashion Week. But sequin eating snails cause havoc. Pearlie comes to the rescue with some particularly Aussie solutions. 

Colonnes de Buren

Everyone loves them

Any kids book that uses Zut Alors and Hurly-Burly must get a thumbs up from me. 


Paulita said...

This book looks a lot more fun than the one I'm reading. Hope you love it and thanks for playing along.

Esme said...

This looks like a fun book for children.

Sim Carter said...


Esme said...

ok I know that I was just there take me with you. Across the street is the cutest store that sells wooden ducks. I purchased one last time I was there and want a mate. the store is darling.

are you going to go to Gerald Mulot and Pierre Herme-try his Isaphan croissants-he does not open until 10 am. GM is closed on Wed. I forgot what day PH closes. I did not eat here but it was recommended Je t'aime the. I made rsvp for the day it was closed. if you like souffles go to La Cigale Recaimer. Do you like duck-try LE Sud ou Ouest make rsvp for both. do you like Chagall-not sure if the exhibit is still on at the Luxembourg garden museum. There is a Chanel exhibit at Palais Tokoyo. Have you ever been to the Branley museum-it is an anthropologie museum with art from Asia, Africa. How long are you there for?

Carol said...

Looks so cute! I bet my niece would love it.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Everybody who is anybody in the children's picture book world goes to Paris. Eloise. Minnie and Moo. Maira Kalman's Max. Dodsworth. Don't know if all of these are well known characters in your part of the world. Enjoy!

Louise said...

So many great suggestions there Esme- if only I had time to do it all... We're there for about a month this time, which will be fantastic. I haven't been to GM yet, have toyed with PH, but only had his macarons so far- but I'm planning that he will be making my birthday cake this year. I'm also planning on an ispahan croissant and his ispahan granola- got to keep healthy you know...That Chagall exhibition is certainly on the list, we're on the left bank this time and I hope to be in the Luxembourg Gardens quite a bit. We have quite a few big meals planned this trip, I do like duck, a lot, I'll keep that one in mind.

I've read Eloise Deb, but don't know the others- always more Paris joy to be had isn't there?

Parisbreakfasts said...

I'd love to meetup when you come Louise if you want..?

Brona said...

Big smile!

Harmer now also has an online blog/magazine called The Hoopla you should check out some time.

Marg said...

This sounds like fun! I did love Mr Chicken Goes to Paris too!