Wednesday 23 March 2011

A weekend in Sydney

I was lucky enough to have a recent trip to Sydney to hear my sister deliver her Inaugural Professorial Lecture. A big moment!

Even though it was a fabulous lecture not everyone was as thrilled with the after-match function as I was.....

And I finally found a clinic for me! Perhaps now I can get my Lifestyle Threatening Condition properly diagnosed and treated by compassionate and caring professionals.

It was a big weekend otherwise as well. Lots of shopping. Some products you can expect to see popping up on my companion blog, Adventures in a Low GI World.

Some you may not.

Central Sydney has gone considerably upmarket since my last visit to the city, with a revamp of Centrepoint. 

This one looks fancy til you realise it's a Nescafe shop!

A trio of enthusiastic young Japanese folks entertained us in Pitt St. Double dutch may be rather 80s but it is still fun to watch
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Of course we got pretty hungry watching all this energy expenditure
DJs has upped the ante on their chocolate dipped fruit- not just strawberries and nicer chocolate- it smells amazing

Our own Macaron Day for those unable to be in Paris 20/3/11
(eucalyptus, pistachio and apricot, peach tea, 70% cocoa)

The next morning was perfect beach weather. 30 degrees already at 9am, and a quick trip to South Maroubra Nippers before heading westwards

Sadly the little rainbow didn't translate into pixels, but I know it was there.


bermudaonion said...

It looks like you made the best of your trip to Sydney. Hearing your sister speak had to be quite exciting!

Louise said...

It was amazing actually. I hadn't seen her speak professionally- just heard her yabber away at home- quite a difference! She was a polished, seasoned speaker. And a weekend to the big smoke is always fun.

Susan said...

What a wonderful trip that must have been! The food all looks so delicious. And what fun to get a chance to see your sister's talk.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

How wonderful that you could be there for your sister to share in her moment. I like your photos and story to go with them... wish that I had been there for the macarons!


Louise said...

Hi Susan, a weekend in Sydney is always fun. We've been once a month so far this year, with another trip coming up next month. It was so great to be able to see my sister- revelationary actually. And the food is always delicious.

Genie- would love to share a macaron with you someday in Sydney or in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Louise ... love the clouds at the bottom. Don't know about rainbow not translating but we've had a bird with very colourful purple/pink breast reproduce in black and white. Why is that?

Louise said...

Thanks Sue, I asked the photographer your question, and he wondered about the type of camera, and type of file you're using.