Sunday 26 November 2017


I am SO terrible at TBRs - no sooner had I completed by Nonficition November 2017 TBR than I was in my local bookshop in a bit of a buying frenzy. I plucked this book off the shelves because it was so, so pretty, and very soon had it read. 

It's an unusual little book. A small palm sized book, priced for the impulse buy ($19.99, yes that is cheap in Australia). There is no author credited, just "with Bird Life Australia". It's an art book. It's a lesson about cockatoos.

There's lots of cool cockatoo facts. 
Most cockatoos are left footed.
I'm so going to have to watch out for that. 
Only female Black Cockatoos incubate eggs. The smaller cockies and corellas tend to share egg-sitting duties.
And some sad ones. 
Five of Australia's 14 cockatoo species have populations that are on the national threatened species list. 
I must say that I find this description from the Hardie Grant Gift website rather odious and unappealing. I do realise that it's a description for booksellers, but it makes it sound awful.
A contemporary design-conscious souvenir for international and local tourists. Featuring international and local illustrators. 
Cockatoo is a companion book to Koala (published last year) a book that I completely missed, but now of course would like to read. I am now firmly convinced that every book I read only serves to make my TBR grow ever bigger. 


Brona said...

The illustrations look wonderful!

Louise said...

They are wonderful. All quite different. I was kind of surprised that so many artists had made cockatoo art.

Emma at Words And Peace / France Book Tours said...

really cool!