Sunday 21 October 2018

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon The Fifth

I can't believe that this is already my 5th Dewey's Readathon.!

It's an 11pm start time for us in Australia in Spring. So it's quite a day of waiting around, just waiting to start. I filled in my time today going to a Lifeline Book Sale. Naturally, I bought quite a bag of books. I haven't really planned a TBR this time round. But I decided to kickstart my Readathon this time with one of the books I bought today. A book of short stories. 

I even started a little early as I'd waited long enough. 

I'm very keen to use this Readathon to get back into my #LesMisReadalong. Rather shamefully somehow back in May I put my copy of Les Mis down one day and didn't pick it back up again til today. I have no idea why. I was really enjoying it. I have been in quite a reading slump this year though. I'm not so much reading as listening at the moment as the vast majority of my book intake has been via audiobooks for the last few months. 

But I've done it. I've just reread the last chapter I read in May. V2B8C1. And now onwards... It's such a shame it's after midnight. 

Sunday 1230

I had a nice long sleep and a Sunday morning sleep in, then out to brunch with friends. It's such a gorgeous  spring day here, and we enjoyed a short stroll in the gardens after. Just so that I haven't completely wasted readathon time I was listening to an audiobook while I was out (although I live in a small town, and it literally took me about 4 minutes to drive to brunch), I did finish off 20 minutes of Chapter 1 when I got home. It's fascinating. Highly recommended.

Sunday 1800 (Hour 20)

I've had a lovely restful day, even if I haven't made as much progress as I would've liked (and when is that ever the case?)

1 nap
7 hours sleep
30 minutes Any Ordinary Day
45 pages Living Alone and Loving It
53 pages Les Mis
57 pages Beneath the Earth

Sunday 2300 (in reality Monday morning, after midnight)

So I managed to fall asleep sometime after 10, and long before 11. I could count the number of times this happens per year on one hand, and of course it happened tonight. So my planned gallop to the end with a third short story was a bit of a wipe out. 

My final tally

2 naps
7 hours sleep
67 minutes Any Ordinary Day
77 pages Les Mis
80 pages Beneath the Earth
83 pages Living Alone and Loving It

A total of 240 pages. Which is not what I had hoped to read, but better than nothing. And much better than I would have done without a readathon this weekend, my reading has definitely been slumped for some time now. Months. 

I'm very glad to have picked up Les Mis again, and am now only 4 months behind, and not 5. Still it does give me some chance of catching up again so as to be able to finish it. I'm 549 pages in, much longer than any other book I've read this year. It's rare for me to pick up a book longer than 500 pages. Actually, 400 pages makes me nervous...

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