Saturday, 17 June 2017

Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo 2017

Vivid Sydney 2017 is finishing up tonight - it's an absolutely incredible festival. Whoever thought of illuminating Sydney in winter is genius. It's just so amazing. 

I hadn't been able to make it to Vivid for quite a few years, and it's grown in leaps and bounds since my last visit. I was thrilled to be able to join some friends to go to Vivid at the Zoo when I had a quick trip to Sydney recently. 

You entered Taronga under a beautiful green canopy.

There are amazing light sculptures all through Taronga Zoo. 

Some are huge. 

 Some are smaller.

All sorts of creatures. All are fabulous. 

I think the crocodile was one of my favourites. It was absolutely huge, and yet the same size as the largest salt water crocodile ever recorded!

Leaving the Zoo we watched the amazing projection on the Heritage Building. 

We caught the ferry back into the city after walking down Bradley's Head Road (FYI that's not safe in the dark, there's no footpath, and there's lots of buses).

But it was a great way to ease into Vivid in the city. Projections abound. On the bridge pylons. 

On the Opera House

and the Museum of Contemporary Art

Yes I do, but especially during Vivid.

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Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Beautiful images! Vivid Sydney is definitely a place I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing, and here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I've been wanting to visit Sydney and your photos have made me even more eager to go there. Gorgeous displays! Looks like this is a great time of year to visit.
My Saturday Snapshot post features a walk along Mercer Slough.

Ginx Craft said...

What a wonderful light show.

Brona said...

What were the crowds like at the zoo. The animal lights look so good I'd love to see them, but the whole crush thing has put me off vivid the past few years.

Love the pics by the way - very vivid!

Louise said...

Vivid Sydney is just amazing, a perfect time to see the city, it's enchanting (even if it is winter).

Brona the crowds at the zoo weren't too bad. Yes there were lots of people there, lots of families, lots and lots of kids, but it's ticketed and in two sessions a night so controlled. And it's all pretty spread out, you walk a lap of the zoo. We went to the early session (5.30-7.30, I guess there may be less younger kids at the 7.30-9.30 slot).

Brona said...

That's great to know Louise - I'll consider it for next year now.

betty-NZ said...

Wow! Those are some amazing animals! It's a great way to keep your mind off winter weather!

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