Monday 5 September 2016

Advanced Style

I'd never heard of Ari Seth Cohen or his blog, Advanced Style, when I came across this book-of-the-blog in Melbourne recently. Ari was apparently captivated by fashionable older women from the time he was a young boy when he watched his grandmothers exhibit glamour and style. He moved to New York as an adult and started his blog.

These photos offer proof that the secret to remaining vital in our later years is to never stop being curious, never stop creating, and never stop having fun. 

There seems to be a few essential items to the Advanced Style (female) look. (There was I think one lone man who made the pages, maybe two) A big or quirky hat. Big glasses. Big jewellery.

Big rings. A Chanel 2.55 doesn't hurt either.

I had no idea you could still get crocheted gloves! But a number of the ladies had them. 

I would have absolutely loved this Tiffany umbrella back in the 80s. Now I like it, and like it quite a lot, but I like my Desigual one better. 

Some women with Advanced Style wear a riot of colour, others prefer monochrome outfits. Big wads of cash do seem to help as the majority are wearing clearly expensive designer clothes. Some of the women are wearing more modest garments, and clearly the book isn't focused on money per se, it's focus is to showcase older people/women with style and panache. 

There is a documentary that I will seek out:

and a second book- Advanced Style- Older & Wiser. I'll be looking forward to checking it out. Thankfully I've still got some prep time before I'm old enough to be included. 


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

This is a book I desperately need. Probably not available here in the US.

Louise said...

I'm sure it would be Deb, it's an American blog.