Thursday 21 January 2016

Indie Book Award Shortlist 2016

Australia's Independent Bookshops run the Indie Book Awards each year. The 2016 Shortlist was released this week.

Fiction Shortlist

The Other Side of the World - Stephanie Bishop
The Secret Chord - Geraldine Brooks
A Guide to Berlin - Gail Jones
The Natural Way of Things - Charlotte Wood (see my review) (WINNER)

Non-Fiction Shortlist

Flesh Wounds - Richard Glover (review coming soon)
One Life - Kate Grenville
Reckoning: A Memoir - Magda Szubanski (see my review) (WINNER)
The Anti-Cool Girl - Rosie Waterland (see my review)

Debut Fiction Shortlist

Rush Oh! - Shirley Barrett
The Anchoress - Robyn Cadwallader
Relativity - Antonia Hayes
Salt Creek - Lucy Treloar (WINNER)

Children's Shortlist

The Bad Guys, Episode 1 - Aaron Blabey (WINNER)
The 65-Story Treehouse - Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton
Olive of Groves - Katrina Nannestad & Lucia Masciullo
The Singing Bones - Shaun Tan

Young Adult Shortlist

Ranger's Apprentice: The Early Years 1: The Tournament at Gorlan - John Flanagan
Soon - Morris Gleitzman
Prince of Afghanistan - Louis Nowra
Cloudwish - Fiona Wood (WINNER)

The Young Adult list is difficult as 3 of those books are part of a very successful series- none of which I have read sadly. Cloudwish is the third in a linked series of books. Soon is the fifth of Morris Gleitzman's series dealing with the Second World War. And I know that John Flanagan has written quite a few of the Ranger's Apprentices books.

And still always books you've never heard of...

You can see the full longlist here. It's always interesting to see what didn't make the cut.

Winners will be announced March 23 2016.

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Brona said...

So far I've read one book from each section....except the memoir/bio - where I've read 2 and nearly finished the third (which probably explains why the history/memoir/bio round up on the AWW forum suits me so well :-)