Thursday 25 December 2014

Little Dog and the Christmas Wish

I bought quite a few new books on my recent trip to Melbourne. Books are always impractical to buy when you're away and have to comply (somewhat) with airline baggage restrictions. Or at least look like you might be trying to. Some were bargains that I couldn't pass up. This one was a new picture book. About a dog. And Christmas. And Melbourne. All rather irresistible.

There was a big stack of them at the must visit
The Little Bookroom

And a gorgeous display inside

of original artworks

Little Dog and the Christmas Wish is a sweet little vision of Christmases Past by Corrine Fenton (I thought she was new to me, but I've read her delightful The Dog on the Tuckerbox). Set in a retro, yet rather timeless Melbourne (well apart from the horse drawn baker's cart), it is a lovely lost dog story. Jonathan and Little Dog are inseparable friends, getting into all sorts of mischief. But then on Christmas Eve Jonathan has to go shopping with his mother and Little Dog is left home alone. He is scared by a thunderstorm and takes off to find Jonathan. 

Picture source

Gorgeous, evocative illustrations of a familiar, yet long-gone Melbourne by Robin Cowcher, in her first picture book.


Brona said...

I meant to review this book along with a host of other new Australian Christmas books, but time got away from me.
It would have been lovely to see the original artwork.

Brona said...

PS Merry Christmas Louise. I hope you have a lovely day with your family xo

Tamara said...

Hi L, Lovely review. I'm a little envious as I too was recently in Melbourne but didnt get any books, and didn't see this one - it looks divine. I'll keep my eyes open now.
wish you a lovely Christmas and summer season.