Monday 27 December 2010

Foodies Reading Challenge

This just seems the perfect idea for me. I do love my food. After all, I do have two food blogs, even if one has sadly been a bit neglected of recent times.

And I love my reading of course. So, even though I'm already somewhat overstretched in the reading schedule (huge TBR looming as do we all), I'm going to sign up for Joyfully Retired's Foodies Reading Challenge. I'm going to read some of these books this year anyhow, now I'll have to blog them too. And who could resist this wonderful button? It just looks so fab.

As a relatively new regular-ish book blogger I haven't participated in a blog Reading Challenge like this before, so I'm not sure how I'll got with activity level. Certainly I'll be a Nibbler (1-3 books), but will I go any higher? Time will tell.

One of the massive pile of books I brought with me for my one (short) Christmas week break, will happily kick off my challenge reading. John Baxter's Immoveable Feast- A Paris Christmas. And I got a few cookbooks for Christmas presents, so I will blog those too to get me started. I have hundreds, ?thousands of cookbooks and food books at home so I'm sure more inspiration is around and about.


Enbrethiliel said...


I'm doing this challenge, too, although I'm not much of a foodie. So I'm sticking to Nibbler level and checking around to see if people have good food novel recs. But now I'm inspired to go for cook books as well. Lucky you to have a huge pile all ready for this challenge! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey co-Nibbler! ;)

This is certainly not my first reading challenge, but definitely one of the most perfect!

You can find my admission post here.

Enjoy the challenge! :)

Louise said...

@Enbrethiliel. Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if I'll come up with any food novel recs for you. I'm more interested in memoirs and cookbooks I think. But you never know, things may change! I had a quick look at your blog- I really like the Fairy Tale Friday feature. I read a lot of kids books, and am interested in fairy tales, even though I haven't read all that many of them.

@gnoegnoe. Thanks for the welcome. I will hope to be more than more than a nibbler, but didn't want to commit to more than I could chew, so to speak-so many other reading commitments. I've remembered that I've got a Nigel Slater sitting unread in the TBR- maybe 2011 will be the year to read it? I hope so. Your blog is fantastic! I've loved peeking into your bento boxes, and weekly food hampers. I follow a blog from Paris with weekly food hampers, such a snapshot of a different life. And interesting that you're in Holland too- one of my very good friends is marrying a Dutch man in April, and will be living in both Holland and Australia. So I'm keen to learn more about it. I've put you into my (rather overflowing) blog reader

Unknown said...

Thanks Louise for pointing the way to this challenge - I'll really enjoy stepping up and seeing how many books I get through (there is a loooong mental list!)

Thinking more in the way of food novels, with a few cookbooks thrown in....

Louise said...

No problem at all Fiona. I'm looking forward to it greatly. Hoping to start the first book soon. I'll be interested to read your posts when you get to doing them.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you'll outdo me easily in the challenge, I don't mind ;)

I've remembered that I've got a Nigel Slater sitting unread in the TBR

I love Nigel Slater! I recently made his Beetroot Seeds Cake and it was good! I don't own any books by him though.

So nice to hear your friend is marrying a Dutch and will be living in The Netherlands part-time. It might be a good excuse for you to come and visit my country ;)

Best wishes for 2011!

Margot said...

Hi Louise,

Sorry to be so late in coming by to say Welcome to the Foodie's Reading Challenge. I'm glad you joined and encouraged others to join. I'm looking forweard to seeing what you come up with. Good luck with the challenge.

Louise said...

Hi Margot, thanks for the welcome. I'm really looking forward to it. I've done a couple of cookbook posts already on another blog-
, and have just finished reading a memoir that is perfect, I just have to get around to blogging about it. I have so much to say about it, I think my post could be nearly as long as the book!