Sunday 23 October 2016

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon the First

I've never participated in a Dewey's Readathon before. I've wanted to ever since I heard about it, but life has always conspired against me. Time zones make it rather difficult for we Aussies. The orderly 8am New York kick off translates to 11pm Sydney time. Not a great time to start anything, except perhaps a night cap...

This weekend it's me time though. 

Anyway I'm late starting, dipping in in Hour 2. I've had a super busy week, and didn't get time to prepare anything even though I had vague notions of doing that. Tonight I had to work until hour 2 as well. So a little bit of catching up is in order. 

Opening Meme

What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
I'm reading from country NSW, Australia. 

Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

I didn't have vast amounts (i.e. any) time to organise my stack this week, although I did think about it a little so I'm not quite sure. Maybe Tea Time in Paris. 

What snack are you most looking forward to?

I have grossly overlooked the snack department. Will have to organise something tomorrow.

Tell us a little about yourself!

This is my first time participating, and while I'm excited to join in I don't quite understand the process. I'm about to go and organise my stack, which I will photograph in the morning when I have some light.

I'm excited that Brona has organised #TeamOz, I'm looking forward to meeting the other team members. 



Hour One 11pm
At work :-(

Hour Two Midnight
Just home from work, getting organised, and making a stack.

Hour Three 1am
Meeting my #TeamOZ teammates and maybe even starting to read!

Hours Four to Ten 2am to 8am
Pretty much sleeping. I read one book before falling asleep
The Red Balloon -A. Lamorisse

Hours Ten -Twelve 8am - 11am
Getting into it. But then reading and dozing. Four more books. Yes I've read five picture books in twelve hours! Let's hope for better progress this afternoon. 
Meet ..... Mary MacKillop - Sally Murphy, Sonia Martinez (illustrator)
Suri's Wall - Lucy Estela, Matt Ottley (illustrator)
The Big Question - Leen Van Den Berg, Kaatje Vermeire (illustrator), David Colmer (translator)
Dirt on My Shirt - Jeff Foxworthy

Hours Twelve - Fifteen 11am- 2pm
Still dragging the chain somewhat, but some small progress. 
My Mother's Eyes - Mark Wilson
25 pages of The Borrowers - Mary Norton

And I finally photographed my hastily put together stack of possibilities. Of course there are many more possibilities and there is no chance that I will finish this stack.

Hours Fifteen -Twenty 2pm- 7pm
A bit of real life activity and more reading.
75 pages of The Borrowers - Mary Norton which I've now finished.

And a nice leisurely reading of the Sunday supplements- something I enjoy but don't always manage, and rarely on the day. 

Hours Twenty - Twenty Four 7pm - 11pm
Real life intervened again. But I did read
50 pages of Charlie and the War against the Grannies - Alan Brough

I've really enjoyed my first Readathon, even if I was woefully underprepared, and didn't get all that much read. At least I got to participate this time- and represent Australia in #TeamOZ! I hope to participate next time too, and will work on being much more prepared. Thanks to the Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon folks

7 Books finished. 


Brona said...

Great stack of books Louise.

I really liked Suri's Wall.

I haven't read the Borrower's since I was little - I remember loving it.
I'm onto a Roald Dahl now as my brain is feeling a bit fuzzy (must be time to snack!)
I never Danny the Champion of the World as a kid - I can now see why its one of his most loved books.
All about courage and love :-)

Good luck, keep going, you can do it!
(We're using #TeamOz on twitter if you feel like checking that out to.)

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm happy you got to participate in the readathon this time. The hours are not optimal and you had to work, but you pushed on, nevertheless. I'm glad there's a TeamOz, as that's one of my favorite parts of readathon, the camaraderie. That's one of the things that has, in recent years, been sacrificed for an increased presence of readathon at Twitter and Goodreads and Facebook and Instagram, and I'm a little sad about that. Oh well, I just need to get with it, and see what's going on at those other social media sites, I suppose. Or just continue to read on, and visit a blog or two myself.

Anonymous said...

I had just 2 days preparation (cooking food, book lists, grocery run) b/c I kept avoiding a readathon for years.
Finally Brona's books gave me the 'nudge' I needed. I am so honored to be an honorary member of #TeamOz. Perhaps I may ( once my cats have died...) travel to Auatralia! I feel so connected to you all via books!
Your reading pile is impressive! I have so many books on Kindle that real paperbacks' are an extinct species in my house! Reading the supplements....wonderful relax time. I thought about reading The New Yorker during the next readathon April 2104. I love the magazine, excellent writing (fiction) etc and the magazines just keep piling up!
So gald to have met you via #readathon and Brona's books! Your reading stats are ipressive....all at such short notice!