Sunday 23 August 2015


It's not all that often that I'm up to date with new releases! But I was keen to read Risk after an enthusiastic recommendation from my local bookseller. It pays to know those in the know.

Fifteen year olds Taylor Gray and Sierra Carson-Mills have been best friends since they can remember. Their mothers were friends long before they had children and their families are intertwined ...

... our mums are best friends. They grew up together, did nursing together, they got married at the same time and our dads were mates long before that. They even decided to have babies at the same time, but Mum didn't fall pregnant.

Risk is a totally modern cautionary tale of young girls looking to have fun and to meet boys online. Taylor and Sierra both chat with a cute guy on a chat website. Sierra goes to meet him and everyone's life is changed forever when she doesn't come back when she said she would. It's hard to say more about the story without significant spoilers.

It's all set in Melbourne as are so many books it seems- I'm beginning to wonder if more books are set in Melbourne than in Sydney? Melbourne is our only UNESCO City of Literature after all.

Risk is the debut novel for Fleur Ferris who wrote it in a frantic 35 days, rising at 4am before her kids were up and while her day job is running a rice farm! And I think I'm tired... Risk is exciting and fast paced and Fleur's years as a police officer and paramedic give the story and writing great authenticity.

Topical and compelling, I suspect that Risk will feature in the CBCA Awards next year.


Paulita said...

Louise, You make this sound like a great book. I'll have to see if I can get it here in the U.S. 35 days. That's incredible. I feel like a real slacker. I'm definitely finishing my latest novel this week. My kids are adults and I'm not running a rice farm.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE❤️❤️❤️, the book can’t get enough of it. Literally cried and laughed with Taylor can not wait to read more of her books!!!