Thursday 10 February 2011

Literary Blog Hop February 2-5, or maybe a few days late

Literary Blog Hop

Welcome to this week's Literary Blog Hop hosted by The Blue Bookcase!

Robyn asks: What setting (time or place) from a book or story would you most like to visit? Eudora Welty said that, "Being shown how to locate, to place, any account is what does most toward making us believe it....", so in what location would you most like to hang out?

This one is a bit of a no-brainer for me. I want to go to The Louvre in the early 17th century. The Louvre is fabulous now. I love the building, the grandeur, the artworks. 

But imagine seeing it as it was meant to be, as a palace for the King! Oh to be transported back in a TARDIS to the time of Louis XIII, Queen Anne and Cardinal Richelieu. How fascinating would that be? I haven't found a TARDIS recently, but I did read Alexandre Dumas's classic The Three Musketeers. It's nearly as good I guess.

Although somehow I suspect that I would miss some of the modern Parisian delights.... like macarons and champagne.  I wonder if it would smell, or be full of rats? 

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